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Travel Days 62-62 Yorktown, Heathsville and into Maryland at Tilghman Island 4/25-29/23

It was a little "sporty" ride but nothing that was uncomfortable to get to Riverwalk Landing Piers in Yorktown, VA. The marina has large floating cement docks that are secured under the water with cement blocks and chains. They have a great pump out system that works at every slip. It is close to the little shops and there is a trolly that takes you to all the historical sites. we visited the Victory Monument, Yorktown Visitors Center, and the American Revolution Museum. There is an 8 mile bike/car trail that has an audio you can download, however we didn't get the chance to do that. The American Revolution Museum is a must see and plan on spending 2-3 hours there.

Hal and his friends.

Victory Monument

Izzy at the entrance to the marina docks.

The flowers were just amazing.

Flint lock musket demonstration.

The wind and waves were so big that they came over the floating docks.

They have cute cabins the premises and RV camping.

The water was pushed into the bay making it a step up into the cockpit.

Leaving the bay.

In the Chesapeake there are these poles. I looked them up and it said they are Pound Nets. The fisherman string nets along them and catch fin fish. You can see the nets on these poles.

We left Yorktown trying to get as far north as possible and stay in a safe place for the wind and rain predicted to come. We arrived at Ingram Bay Marina in Heathsville just in time. Out in the bay it was cold, windy and choppy but coming through the entrance into the bay was like going in to a different time zone. It was sunny and beautiful. Billy the owner of the marina met us and helped us tie up for the evening. We stayed put for the storm the next day but was able to walk around in between the rain. This is voted the best hurricane hole in the Chesapeake.

Originally we were going to go to Tilghman Island Marina, however we saw that Knapp's Narrow Marina, right across from it had inexpensive fuel and floating docks. A no brainer for us. We were able to get fuel at $3.56 a gallon using a self serve system. Then docked on nice new floating dock systems. The water was not turned on yet since it was before the season so we didn't do any laundry on the boat. We still have plenty of water to use for everyday use though.

On the left is the fuel dock. That is the Tilghman Island Drawbridge.

Izzy and I walked in this nice park.

The closest place to get some provisions is a country store which also doubles as the post office.

We passed this museum on our walk but it wasn't open yet for the season.

A little cemetery in between some houses.


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