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Travel Days 49-52, Savannah, GA to Georgetown, SC 3/30-4/4/23

This time in Savannah we decided to try Isle of Hope Marina. We have stayed at Coffee Bluff and Thunderbolt before. The dock staff were very friendly and they have a loaner car. We took it to get a few more provisions and since we weren't at Thunderbolt we stopped at Krispy Kreme for our own donuts. 😋 The area surrounding the marina is just incredible with gorgeous homes and tree lined streets. We had a great meal at Castaways and a relaxing evening on the boat.

Our own Krispy Kreme since we didn't go to Thunderbolt Marina.

Calm sunrise as we leave Savannah.

Arriving at Beaufort, SC we also changed where we stayed. We went to Lady's Island Marina. Due to the winds we stayed two nights. The way the marina was situated we were well protected from the winds that were blowing up to 35 knots. As we drove into Beaufort we saw all the boats rocking at the Safe harbor Marina. We made a great choice going to Lady's Island. Aaron is the dock master and was so knowledgeable and helpful to us and others docking. The marina has a delicious restaurant right in front of it and Aaron made us reservations to eat with Judi and Jerry McNeely from Imagine who are still traveling with us. Dockside was a great meal but the only thing was that since it was so crowded it was extremely noisy. They also have a loaner car so we took it for a drive and had lunch in downtown Beaufort.

There was a nice park to walk Izzy and several boat ramps and piers to fish.

There was dredging going on as we passed through the Ashepoo Cutoff. It was also extremely shallow in Watts Creek.

Since we had a long travel day to get to Charleston we left early. (6:40 am) It was windy and Sunday so the area by the Safe Harbor Charleston City Marina was busy. As we called to the dock master for our slip assignment they were putting us on the outside of the mega dock. I set up for a port side tie. As we approached they told us we could go inside and have a starboard tie. I quickly changed all the lines and fenders. We much prefer inside as it rocks a lot less. We were all the way by the end but it is still preferable to the outside. As I walked Izzy to the land a boat passed by out in the channel and caused a big wake to rock all the outside docked boats. Very happy to be on the inside. It was actually .75 miles to walk Izzy off the dock and back without the actual walk around the parking lot.

Judi and Jerry McNeely crossed their wake for their platinum loop at the intersection of Stono River and Elliot Cut. We met them on their first loop in St. Joseph,MI. It was a pleasure traveling with them. We were able to celebrate with them on Monday. They picked us up and took us to Folly Beach for an amazing meal at Lost Dog Cafe. This is a dog friendly restaurant and there were pictures of dogs all over the wall. The fence has cutouts of dog bones. After showing us the beautiful beach town and their marina we went to John's Island.

Here is a sign you don't see in New York.

They took us to Angel Oak tree. A 400 year old grand oak. I can't even explain how massive this tree is. We also stopped at their beautiful home and met their daughter. Afterwards, we went to Magnolia's for another declines meal. I actually had grits at breakfast and dinner. They were really good and each time was different. I typically don't like grits but these were amazing. We had to say good by to our friends but we made plans for them to come up to Myrtle Beach for dinner.

Again we left early for a long travel day to Georgetown. As we were getting closer we say Rick Ahlert on his jet ski. He came out to welcome us back to his hometown area. He and Marie live on Pawley's Island. It was a pleasure seeing him. We didn't contact them on this trip up because we knew it was a long day and didn't know what time we would be in to the dock. We enjoy staying at Harbor Walk Marina in Georgetown as it is close to the historic district. The shops and restaurants are close by and there is a great Harborwalk walkway to stroll.

There are several parks that you walk through to get to the Harborwalk.

I was looking but did't see any alligators.

Love this plaque.

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