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Travel Days 43 and 44, Cocoa Village and Daytona, FL 3/21-22/23

We left Ft. Pierce heading for an anchorage. Since it was 58 NM we left at first light, 7:00 am. Judi and Jerry McNeely were traveling with us. At the anchorage we encountered a handful of live-aboard and derelict sailboats. There were two places to take Izzy to land. The first time we took her we went to Griffs Landing where there is a boat ramp. The docks were fixed and a little on the higher side to get off the dingy, but ew made it without a problem. For the evening walk we went to the Intercoastal Waterway Park. There was a cement bulkhead but it was the same height as the dock so we were able to get up and walk around there. It was shorter so took less time and we were able to walk around. A sheriffs car passed me that night but did not stop to chat. There was an RV parked there with a truck in front of it but I didn't see anyone there. An easy spot to anchor and take car of the dog.

Sunset behind Imagine at Cocoa Village,FL.

Going to Daytona was going to be a long travel day of 54 NM so we left early. Docking at Halifax Harbor Marina was a bit tricky due to the wind. We asked for a slip that we could back into because of the winds and they said "Cap" can help you. Well just as we were backing in a gust caught the bow and we hit the corner. Thanks "Cap" for your help.🤬 Hal then had to work on getting the white chalk off our blue paint along with a little scratch he will take care of. The dock hand quickly scurried off after "helping" us. We walked the mile to the office to retrieve some packages. The marina has a nice area to walk Izzy and is in walking distance to some shops and restaurants.

Judi, Jerry, Hal and I tokan Uber to the Daytona International Speedway for a tour. That was very interesting. It is amazing that the speedway has a 33 degree incline and is massive. When the race is on there are 200,000 people there, a little city. We also went into the museum and saw all the different race cars throughout the years.

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