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Travel Days 38-41 Lorelei/Morada Bay to Safe Harbor Old Port Cove 3/11-14/23

We left early for a long run to Lorelei/ Morada Bay at Islamarada. It was 67 NM run that took 10 hours. We anchored close to a channel that went to a little bay so after taking Izzy to the boat ramp we moved the boat. The second time we anchored we dragged because we hooked an old anchor chain. When we went to lift the anchor it was stuck on it. I used a boat hook to lift it off and then the boat hook was being pulled by the anchor chain. Captain Hal told me next time always use the hook on something that stays with the boat. I should have lifted the anchor and then it would have not been a problem. Unfortunately we lost the boat pole. It was a windy night and bringing Izzy back from the library park we got wet. Izzy wasn't happy getting sprayed. The anchorage is filled with live aboard boats that are a little sketchy looking and there are many boats that go in and out of the little bay from a small marina. We left early for another long run.

Welcome to Miami!

Marine Stadium anchorage.

Miami at night. What a stunning sight.

Traveling through the keys is beautiful as you pass all the mangroves. The water is so clear it is a bit unnerving that it looks so shallow. We had a smooth ride for most of the day. We entered Biscayne Bay and as we got closer to Miami it became more churned up. The winds were only 8 knots but the chop was more like 1-2 feet, thankfully on the bow. As we approached Marine Stadium we were amazed at how many boats were there anchored both inside and just outside the anchorage. We made our way inside and anchored close to the parking lot so we were close to shore to take Izzy to the land. There were many boats with competing Latin music. We were hoping since we arrived at 5:00 pm it would be quieter and calm down early. That was not the case. After we took Izzy to land at 9:00 pm we turned on the generator, closed the portholes and turned on the a/c and we were golden. This is a great stop for Izzy. They even had floating ramps we could step on to get to land.

After Marine Stadium we made our way to Boynton Harbor Marina since it was going to be a windy night. Although it was only 50 NM it took 10 hours due to the bridges. We were able to get under most of them but it still took forever. We got to the marina at 5:00 pm so we tied up for the night and decided to get fuel the next morning. I was able to have dinner with my sister Jill and friend Lauren. Hal was able to have dinner with his brother Paul. We both enjoyed a nice evening. It did lightening and thunder that night and we were glad we made the decision for a marina.

Moving to the fuel dock to fuel up was easy and after we filled the tanks we departed for Safe Harbor Old Port Cove. This was the first time we stayed at this marina, and as all Safe Harbors it did not disappoint. The floating docks were great and they put us on a T head. We were lucky to be in the south basin which is near the office, restaurant, and gym. Mark and Debbie Spiro were able to stop by for a visit which was wonderful. Paul, Hal's brother came back up for dinner. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at Belle's Bar and Grill. It is not open to the public, just the gated community the marina is in. There is also a two mile walk around the community which Izzy and I did one day. We liked it so much here we put our names on the list for an annual slip.

The amazing dessert I had at Belle's and I was able to get the recipe.

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