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Travel Days 27-29 11/29-12/2/22 Halifax, Titusville, and Sebastian, FL

The Bridge of Lions Bridge from St Augustine to St Augustine Beach. We put the mast down to go under it.

Our plan was to anchor out but we decided to get fuel at Halifax Harbor Marina since it was $5.01 a gallon. (A bargain today😂) Looking at the weather we decided to get slips here also. The marina was very accommodating and got us slips for the night. As we were an hour away from the marina, a squall came through with winds gusting up to 25 knots and rain. Thankfully it calmed down some before we got to the fuel dock. It was still blowing though. We filled the tanks, 190 gallons and it was $5.01 with the BoatUs discount. When they told us our slip we figured we would be backing with the wind which is a little tricky with our windage. Hal asked for a slip that we could back into the wind. They were very nice and changed our slip. This is a huge marina and it is close to downtown Daytona Beach. I met a liveaboad who was next to us. She said there were about 75 livaboards in the marina. There is a pump out boat that comes once a week to pump out. It seemed like a great place to stop back and spend a few days.

A decorated boat at Titusville Marina.

Again we were going to anchor out at Titusville, however the winds were predicted to be blustering and blowing so we arranged a marina slip at Titusville Marina. The dockhands were awesome and right there to tie us off on a T head. This is a good place to watch rocket launches from Cape Canaveral.

On the way to Sebastian, we started looking at the wind and waves forecasted for the Atlantic crossing to the Key's. It was 6 foot seas. We were going to have to wait over a week to cross. We decided to change our route and go through the Okeechobee instead. So we started looking at marinas, anchorages and mileage. We cancelled our reservations at Safe Harbor Old Port Cove and Jensen Beach Mooring and made reservations at Roland Martins Marina in Clewiston and Sweetwater Landing in FT Myers. We picked out some anchorages also.

We found an anchorage near Sebastian Beach to give more protection from the east winds. There was a great beach and easy access to the road where there was a sidewalk to walk Izzy. Across the highway is the beach. I could hear the waves crashing. While we were there a kite surfer came out to take advantage of the strong winds. We rocked and swung some during the night but not too bad. Our anchor held great and came up pretty clean.

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