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Travel Days 21 and 22 Beaufort, SC and Thunderbolt, GA

It was 39 degrees when we left Charleston so we turned on the generator to get some heat. We had a nice ride to Beaufort but it was a long ride. We went 57.9 NM and traveled for 8 hours. The dock hand at Safe Harbor Beaufort waited for us and was late to go to a wedding.

The marina is right in downtown and surrounded by a park so it was great for walking Izzy. The marina isn't up to Safe Harbor standards yet. There are some derelict looking boats and the docks are full of bird droppings. But the dock hand was nice and the marina is secure with a locked gate.

We strolled the town and then we took a horse drawn carriage ride to see the historic homes. It is a beautiful area and the homes and trees are magnificent. We ate a late lunch at Plums, as we were told it is a local favorite.

Look in the upstairs windows.

Robert Small and below is his house.

The trees are stunning and massive.

The arsenal was disguised as a church to prevent attacks from the Union Army.

Beautiful homes in the area.

Our carriage ride with Justin the horse and Sam the narrator.

Some historic homes.

Izzy likes to shop. This is a dog friendly restaurant that has a great saying of Arrive lost, leave a local.

Arriving at Thunderbolt marina was interesting. They did not answer on the radio to channel 16. We had to call on the telephone and then the directions to our slip were not made clear. We were put on the inside of the face dock where there was a sailboat at the outer end who was staying two nights. State of Grace went right behind us in front of this sailboat. We were not quite sure why he wasn't pulled up and us behind him. The marina is full of mega yachts getting repairs.

Bob423 and others recommend Tubby's Tank House for dinner. So after using the courtesy car for a quick run to Publix, we strolled to Tubby's for dinner. It has great atmosphere and you can tell it is a local's place. The service and food were great.

American Cruise line going past Thunderbolt.

Leaving in the morning, I was disappointed that we were not given our Krispy Kreme donuts. The dock hand said he was about to go get them and it was 7:30. It would be another 15 minutes and we could not wait. I didn't get my donut. 😩😭I would have expected that it was already there by 7:30 for the early departures. Oh well, next time.

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