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Travel Days 15 and 16 to Hampstead, NC and Southport, SC 10/28-29/22

We left Morehead City to go to Hampstead. We stayed at Harbour Village Marina. It is the only marina on the way. There are few anchorage that are good for a dog so this is a good stop. The marina is a protected basin surrounded by magnificent homes, however, there is nothing else there. Since the Figure 8 Island Bridge was not operating the marina was filled. They even had boats rafted up to each other at the fuel dock. We are able to get under the bridge with our mast down so we left in the morning.

We passed an N37 at its dock. Korkscrew is the name of the boat.

Traveling to Southport we heard navigational alerts from the Coast Guard about a regatta taking place. We turned the bend to get to Morningstar Marina, formerly Southport Marina, and encountered all the sailboats getting ready for the race. It was a little unnerving for me, but of course not for Hal. We entered the marina and got pumped out. Hal felt it was one of the best pump out services we have had. We got to our slip without any issue and was surprised to see the boat next to us was one we had met in Marathon.

We bought trigger fish from this market.

It was Halloween weekend in Southport and they have a Pirates Day. There was a car show that we saw and there were many people walking around dressed as pirates and witches. It was a fun time to be there. We ended up eating at Fishy Fish Cafe for appetizers the first day and Oliver's for the next night, both very good. There was live music from some of the bars that we could hear from the marina.

A plaque at Oliver's.

Vehicles at the car show.

We love this little town and will be back.

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