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Travel Day 97 to Bahia Honda State Park, FL 1/22/22

We have run almost 4000 NM over 97 travel days!! Our stay at Key West was like a vacation from all the traveling but we were ready to get underway again. We were happy to get reservations at Bahia Honda State Park due to the weather. We watched several boats try to anchor right outside the entrance and their anchors broke free, one was able to come in to the marina.

There was another Manatee in the marina named Butter Face.

The marina was very nice but small. There was a tour boat that takes people out snorkeling, however, due to the weather they weren't going out. The Atlantic Ocean was calm but the weather and the water temp were on the cooler side so I didn't paddle board nor go in for a dip. We walked around and saw the RV campsites. There is a huge variety of campers. It looks interesting but I know they don't have as much room as our boat.

A sand castle made by local artist.

The park had a nature center but it was closed. There was a map with a scavenger hunt of things in the park. I was able to find several of the items pictured. Overall, this is a nice park and I would highly recommend it for a short stop.

While we were there a crocheted a baby manatee.

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