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Travel Day 96 to Newfound Channel, FL 1/21/22

Picnic Island, FL

Well we found another beautiful anchorage. It was a wonderful ride in the Straits of Florida. There was a small sandy beach and a great bay. We took the dinghy down and went exploring.

Captain Jack's

Picnic Island was almost going to be where we anchored but decided not to track back in the morning. It is known as a fun party spot so we had to go over there. Captain Jack's Hangout is located there. It is a houseboat that people tie up to and it seemed like there was a bar of some sorts. There was also a topless woman. The island itself is filled with signs that tell distances to places. There were several boats anchored for the day. I am sure on a weekend day it is probably very crowded, but it seemed friendly.

We also toured around Little torch Key and went up and down the canals there. The water is incredibly clear and the homes were lovely. Most were raised probably due to hurricanes and flooding. There were people kayaking all along the shore. We traveled under the bridge and saw Kiki's Bar and Restaurant. There was a long pier with a sign that said dogs welcome, food, drinks and music. Looked like a cool place to go to if we were staying longer.

Hal and I enjoyed eating dinner al fresco and watching the sunset. It was a relaxing evening.

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