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Travel Day 95 to Key West, Florida 12/20/21

Well, it has been a while since we posted and that is because we have been enjoying Key West. We are staying in Stock Island Village Marina which is part of the Perry Hotel. We have access to two pools, three restaurants, a gym, and a free shuttle to downtown Key West. The hotel gave us champagne when we checked in and the provide water when asked. They also supply towels for the pool. The staff is friendly and helpful. Our boat gets pumped out every Tuesday.

The ride over from Marathon was amazing. It was hard to believe we were in the Atlantic Ocean. It was flat calm. Sydney was with us since she met us in Marathon. We enjoy traveling with our kids.

Out with the old!

In with the new!

Once we arrived and were situated, Hal went to Home Depot to look over the washer/dryer we purchased to replace ours, and Sydney and I went off to check on Duval Street. Hal took an Uber there and saw the machine and got all the parts needed. He organized a delivery for the next day and came back and worked on getting the old one out. The machine was quite heavy so he and Chris heaved out. The next day, in the rain, the new machine was delivered. Chris, Hal and Mike (a dockhand) helped get it in, The process of replacing it took the entire day, but I am so happy with the new machine. The drums are bigger so hold more clothes in each load.

Duval Street was fun with Sydney. A lot of t-shirt shops and souvenirs. Cool bars and restaurants.

Sydney and I went looking for an old friend of the kids and found her. Mia, formerly Maria, was someone they knew in high school. We told her we would see her again. The next day in the rain before Sydney took her flight back to NY we went back to Duval for more fun.

Lunch at Willie T's

Hal and I in an FUV!

Paul and Ryder in the FUV!

Brunch at La Grignote.

Dinner at one of our favorite places, Hogfish.

We had many visitors while we were here. After Sydney, Paul (Hal's brother) and Ryder(nephew) came for two days before Christmas. We rented FUV's and had a fun day tooling around. Then after Christmas John, Rita and Kat Graves and Nancy Mancini came for two days. However while they were here I received news that I tested positive for Covid. I ended up staying in the boat while they went sightseeing. We did end up playing lots of games. After the Graves visit Evan came for a few days. We rented a gold cart when he was here and did more walking around Duval Street. When Evan was supposed to go home there was a snow storm in NY and his flight was canceled. He ended up staying another night which was great because Paul and Sue came to visit and he was able to see them. So overall, lots of company!

Dessert at Better Than Sex restaurant.

Peanut Butter Perversion!

New Year's Eve this shoe dropped down.

Christmas decorations everywhere.

Brunch again at La Grignote.

Finally able to get a picture here without waiting in line.

A dinghy ride to the wharf.

Hal and I were able to rent the FUV another day to get to sight see. We rented a golf cart again with Mary and Chris. We found many great restaurants and had fun times riding in the dinghy. We met many Great Harbour owners, as Cedric from The Office, organized a get together.

The squall off in the distance heading right to us.

Chris and Hal at Fort Jefferson.

Sine we wanted to go to the Dry Torgtugas and were worried about a weather window we booked a ferry ride on the Yankee Freedom. Unfortunately it was the worst day to go.. There was a horrible squall and storm we went through. We had to hold on to our seats at several points. It was 5-6 foot seas. It was an adventure. Fort Jefferson was really interesting and we all said we would love to go back on our own boats in nice weather. It was cold and wet so we could only imagine how beautiful it would be if the weather was better.

Hal giving a manatee fresh water behind the boat. I was able to pet it.

Ernest Hemmingway's house.

His house is dedicated as a zoo for cats.

I walked up the 88 steps to the top of the lighthouse.

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