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Travel Day 42 to Ft Pierce City Marina 3/16/23

We had a nice cruise to Ft. Pierce City Marina. At first they were going to put us on a fixed dock, which makes difficult to get on and off especially for Izzy, but we asked for a floating dock. They were nice enough to comply and put us on M Dock on the North Pier. It was a great location since it was very close to the park to walk Izzy.

That night there was a dinner at Crabby's for several loopers that we joined. Don York and Rachel Tabone on a Beyond, Al and Arlene Mauger on Arion, Judi and Jerry McNeely from Imagine, Tim and Debbie Gibbs on Table Six and us enjoyed a fun dinner.

There is a great park next to the marina and the Manatee Observation Center. There is also the Highwaymen Heritage Trail in Ft. Pierce that we didn't have time to do. Next time I am here I will definitely walk the self guided tour.

Beautiful art work on the art gallery building.

Judi organized a pot luck dinner at the Captain's lounge and several others joined in for dinner. The group from dinner all made it to the lounge. It was nice to see Jim and Kristi on SISU, and Vickie and Jack on Sojourn, and Debbie and Steve Russell on Gypsies Palace were among the others that came. The food was delicious and it was great to catch up with fellow loopers.

Judi, Arlene and I had fun shopping at Rosslow's. We all left with some new outfits to dazzle our friends. Rosslow's is a great store with women's clothes, accessories and home goods too and it is an easy walk from the marina.

On Saturday, Paul came back up to hang out with us again. We all went to dinner with Judi and Jerry. I called and made reservations at 121 Tapas, however, when we arrived the hostess was rude, told us she didn't have a table for us and that only two burners and one oven were working. Even if they did get us a table the service would be very slow. We opted to leave and all enjoyed dinner at Cobbs with our 15% off coupon from the marina.

Peanut butter explosion from Cobb's Restaurant.

Sunday, Paul and our niece Marielle came back up for a late lunch and to celebrate Paul's birthday. We took an Uber to Publix since it was a grey, cold day. We bought a delicious cheesecake covered in chocolate to celebrate. Publix has a great bakery. Monday was for chores, getting ready to leave and sushi dinner at Wasabi Thai Sushi. Hal and I enjoyed our yummy sushi and then had a quiet night with Izzy.

Sushi from Wasabi Thai and Sushi.

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