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Travel Day 37 to Perry Hotel and Stock Island Marina 2/1/23

A smooth ride took us, Knot II Fast, State of Grace and Imagine to the Perry Hotel and Stock Island Marina. This is a first class marina with a beautiful hotel, two pools and three restaurants. In walking distance are four restaurants and an amazing fish market. The shuttle takes you downtown to Duval Street and picks you back up.

When we arrived we were met with our good friends Mary and Chris Kelleher and some others that we met last year on B Dock. While at the marina we were visited by Pam Kavadias and Suzanne and Paul from NY. Dave and Dawn also came to visit and stayed with Kelly and Mike.

We took a great Eco Adventure Tour and went snorkeling, kayaking and to a sandbar.

In Key West there were several Great Harbours. Karen and Richard Lynch were exceptional in organizing a few GH owner get togethers. The ladies, Jen, Karen, Michelle, Janice, Betheny and I had lunch at Moondogs. Another get together was a boat crawl on Mother Ocean and Katie B. Jen and Dennis and Tony and Kathleen were gracious enough to open their boats to us.

We went to the Butterfly Garden in Key West.

Kelly had a hitchhiker.

Michelle and Peter Ganser on the way to Snipe Point.

Mike and Kelly Harris on the way!

We were able to take some great dinghy rides. We went to Snipe Point with Kelly and Mike and Peter and Michelle.

Bob and Grace Zick on the way back from Geiger Key.

Judi and Jerry McNeely on the way back from Geiger Key.

We also took a dinghy ride to Geiger Key RV and Marina restaurant and had a delicious meal.

Hal and I rented a car to see Paul play in The Boss Project in Boca Raton. My cousins Greg and Anne Fried were also able to come to see them play.

Judi and Jerry organized dinner with us and Jeff and Doris Warren in Marathon to celebrate them crossing their wake. It was great to catch up with them and watch the beautiful sunset from their boat.

We had a send off dinner for Mike and Kelly Harris, Peter and Michelle Ganser and Tim and Diane at Roostica. Sad partings for all but safe travels! Till we meet again.

Desserts at Better Then Sex Restaurant the we went to with Judi and Jerry. So yummy!

We have to say goodbye to the roosters!

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