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Travel Day 25 to Oasis Marina Fernandina Beach, FL 11/25/22

We are in FLORIDA!!!

We left Morningstar Marina in pea soup fog. It was supposed to clear at 10:00 but never cleared up. We had our fog horn blowing and all eyes watching but with the radar and other instrumentation it was not really a problem. We did have to wait for slack tide to leave which was 10:00. We usually like to leave earlier but sometimes it can't be avoided.

It was hard to tell which bridge was first, like an optical illusion.

We saw the wild horses on Cumberland Island.

Fernandina Beach is a great town. There are many wonderful shops and restaurants very close to the marina. Since it was Thanksgiving weekend there were some events going on in town. Black Friday shopping and there was also Pajama Day, people were walking around in their pajamas. On Saturday we went to the farmers market and some shops. There was a tree lighting event for the Christmas tree right in front of the marina. The town is all lit up for the holidays.

The train that goes past the town.

Walking Izzy we came across this garden decoration.

Hal and Bob are thrilled as we shop.

Saturday night we enjoyed a delicious meal at Espanas. We had to eat outside but there were heaters and we were in a covered porch-like area. The food and service were top notch.

Fernandina Beach was once known for their shrimping industry.

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