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Travel Day 23-24 Crescent River R156 and Morningstar Golden Isles Marina, GA 1000 NM

The anchorage at Crescent River.

At Thunderbolt Marina they are known for giving out Krispy Kreme donuts in the morning. I love Krispy Kreme but unfortunately the dockhands did not get them before we left at 7:30. 😩 It was tricky getting out of the marina as they put us on the inside of the face dock with a sailboat behind us and several on the other side of the narrow fairway. We put fenders out on the port side and Captain Hal backed it out of the slip without any issues. But no donuts!

We anchored in the belly of Crescent River R156 anchorage rafted up to State of Grace. They put their anchor down to make it easier for us since we have to put the dinghy down and up for Izzy. There was a little "beach" section at the entrance of the river for Izzy. When we went at night it was pitch black due to cloud coverage. We got to the beach and I saw eyes reflected at me with my light. 😳 I got Izzy on and off that beach quickly. In the morning we left for Morningstar Marina at Golden Isle which is St Simons Island. This is the last stop in GA.

On the way to St Simons Island we passed an island with feral cows.

WE HIT 1,000 NM! We arrived at Morningstar pretty early so we took the courtesy car and drove around St. Simons Island. We went to the Fort Frederica National Park. We walked around and watched a 20 minute movie. Getting back to the marina we just relaxed and met some of the other boaters docked there. We met John and Evangeline on Providence. They will be in Marathon also but at a different marina.

The walls are made of tabby which is composed of the lime from burned oyster shells mixed with sand, water, ash and other shells.

Thanksgiving Day we rode our bikes to St Simons Island and put our name on the waiting list for Barbara Jean's Restaurant. The only other restaurant open was Iguana's. As we waited we walked around and were surprised that there were some shops open for business. The town was hustling, we think because it was a holiday people were there on vacation. We enjoyed a relaxing meal at Barbara Jean's and then walked the pier. the temperature difference on the pier to the town is incredible due to the winds. We rode our bikes to the Lighthouse Museum which was closed and then rode back to the dock.

This pelican was not bothered at all by all the people around him.

The trees are decorated for Christmas with lights and ribbon. The dolphin is filled with trash as an example of all the waste that gets in the water.

This is tree spirit number 2. When we were here int he spring I took a picture of spirit number 1, the mermaid.

Morningstar Golden Isles gives out muffins in the morning. We got two from them when we arrived for Thanksgiving Day since they were closed. Again we missed out on muffins on Friday because the bakery was closed that morning. We are not doing so well in the bakery department, lol.

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