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Travel Day 14 to Morehead City, NC 10/26/22

It was a short run to Morehead City Yacht Basin and we departed with a few dolphins swimming along side of us. When Izzy saw them swimming at the bow she started barking and was so scared. I will try and get video of that in the future.

Morehead City Yacht Basin is in a great location, close to restaurants and shops. We stayed two nights after running a few one day stops. We borrowed the courtesy car, $20 for two hours, and went to Beaufort. We were there in the spring, however Bob and Graced had not seen it. It is a nice little town. Last spring we stayed at Homer Smith's Marina but we found the town dock which also seemed like a good place to stop in Beaufort. There is also a town dock in Morehead City that would be a possible good stop.

We drove through Morehead City to get a feel for it also. It seems bigger than Beaufort, with more restaurants on the water. We ended up eating at Sanitary Fish market, which was okay, seemed like the food came out so fast more like a diner.

Many homes and businesses had these anchors.

On Thursday I took a nice long walk, 2 miles, with Izzy to see some of the neighborhood. There are many interesting and beautiful homes. We also walked on the main drag to check out some stores. Izzy is so funny that she looks in all the store's doors as if she is ready to go in.

I received a call from our friend Brenda Thursday morning. She told me about her dear friends, Dave and Janet, who are liveaboards in the marina. They are on Reel Irish. She sent our contact information to them and later in the afternoon, Dave stopped by. I quickly changed our dinner reservations form 4 people to 6 people as they were able to join us.

Hal and I used the car again to get some provisions. We went to Lowes. What an amazing store. It was so nice. It even had a bar and on Thursdays it is half price pour, even for wine and growlers. There was a chicken kitchen, sushi, and even had some Snapple for Hal.

Hal, Bob, Grace, Dave and I walked to Floyd's 1921 restaurant and Janet met us there. Dave and Janet still work so she came from there. We enjoyed their company as they have had many great adventures and were unbelievable nice. They will be joining Brenda and Sonny in Myrtle Beach so we looking forward to seeing them again.

After dinner, I walked Izzy and we came upon a loudly meowing kitten hiding in all the U-Haul's. We went up to it but once we were close by Izzy barked at it and scared it. I tried finding it in the morning to give it some food but I couldn't see it in the dark. I hope someone found it and gave it a home. I did try calling a shelter in the morning but they said I had to call animal control.

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