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Travel Day 118 and 119 to Watts Creek, SC and Charleston,SC 4/4 and 5/22

Beautiful anchorage.

We traveled halfway between Hilton Head and Charleston to an anchorage west of Watts Creek in South Edisto River for a 45.8 NM run. The anchorage was peaceful as we were the only ones there with Cashelmara who was able to find a place to take Skipper for a bathroom break. Off in the distance we saw a brush fire burning which didn't effect us in anyway. I love the quiet and the sunrises and sunsets at anchorage.

The brush fire we could see in the distance.

Another gorgeous sunset.

We left at 8:00 for a 40 NM to Charleston Maritime Center Marina. We ha a difficult time trying to decide what marina to make reservations for in Charleston. Some people go to Ripley to try and not deal with the current and wakes. We chose Maritime Center after speaking with other loopers and harbor hosts Judi and Jerry McNeely. The reviews are correct that you do rock a lot but it is situated within two blocks of the downtown area and a Harry Teeters grocery store. Unfortunately while we were there several storms came through with tornado warnings and strong winds. We had several downpours, lightening and thunder and even saw some hail, but we did enjoy our visit. We took a bus tour that took us around the city to explain some sights. We debated taking the horse drawn carriage since it was highly recommended but due to the threat of rain decided on the bus. The tour dropped us off at City Market and we were able to walk around and explore. We made reservations at Poogan's Porch for a late lunch early dinner which we call 'linner'. After another walk around the town we went back to the boat to take care of some chores and be ready for the storm. We did get some surprise visitors, Ann and Steve from New Adventure and Jerry McNeely who brought us a pineapple as a Charleston welcome from the harbor host. It was great to see them again as we had met them and traveled with them on several hops.

The porches or piazza as it is called is on the side for a better breeze. The door affords them privacy and if it is open means they are accepting visitors.

We visited The Citadel Military Academy, which had its first female cadet in 1995.

Look closely at the shutters. The bottom are solid while the top are louvered. That is because the bottom kept the dust and odor from the horses passing by out of the house.

These handmade Gullah Sweetwater baskets are exquisite.

We talk about being in 'high cotton' but unfortunately didn't eat at this restaurant.

We did eat here and were very pleased with the food and service.

Thursday, Judi and Jerry came back to the boat for a visit, after which Mary, Chris, Hal and I went around town again. We had linner plans at Charleston Crabhouse. Our waiter, Phil was phenomenal and told us all about the specialty drinks and the entrees. After dinner he suggested Carmella's for dessert where Hal and I split a peanut butter chocolate cake (yummy). After a quick stop at Harry Teeter's we went back to the boat for a planning meeting. We have those often with Mary and Chris to discuss our reservations. We have different events that need to be scheduled. I have infusions that are scheduled 4/13 and 4//27 in NY. Mary has a bridal shower that she needs to go to so we have some longer layovers coming up.

The Pineapple Fountain in Joe Riley Waterfront Park.

Very interesting to see the street signs are on this building.

This is the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church that had the shooting on June 17, 2015, killing 9 people. It is one of the oldest black churches in the US.

Dinner at Charleston Crab House.

Like New Orleans, they have the street names on the sidewalks.

Leaving this morning we were able to say a quick hello to Jeff and Doris Warren on Two by Two. We hop to see them again hopscotching up the ICW.

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