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Travel Day 117 to Safe Harbor Skull Creek, Hilton Head, SC 4/2/22

Know your tides and your currents! We listened to the advice of the dock master and left at slack tide which put us behind our usual schedule. We couldn't leave until 11:30 am for a 7 hour 43.3 NM travel day. When we talked to Ben the dock master at Skull Creek he said he was willing to wait for us. As we arrived and we discussed the current, he gave us our slip assignments and helped with the lines. He said he had another boat coming in later than us. Really nice young man and very helpful. The docks are secure with a locked gate to the ramp although it is a long walk to land. The marina is situated in a beautiful, well maintained huge gated community. We were able to ride our bikes around the area to a nice overlook and then to get some provisions. We were on the west side of the island so we were not close to the beach or main town but it was a nice quiet stop right off the ICW.

Watch out for alligators!

At the overlook in Hilton Head Plantation.

As we rode around the Hilton Head Plantation community we passed some ponds and actually saw several alligators. Someone from the marina told us the story that last year there was a woman whose dog was taken by an alligator and she tried to get the dog back and the alligator got her 😱. Careful with your little pets.

Hal and I enjoyed a terrific meal at Hudson's. It was a mile and a half from the marina and an hour wait on a Sunday at 5:00 pm but well worth the wait. We had terrific service and delicious food. Also a good place to see the sunset.

Mud pie for two, we couldn't wait for the picture.

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