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Travel Day 110 to St. Augustine, FL 3/16/22

Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor was a huge marina that was well protected. We were given our slip and there were dockhands there to grab our lines. The marina is so big the dockhands travel by skiff to the slips to help. We planned our stay here for 4 nights because we arranged with First Mate Yacht Service to do some work on the engines. We wanted to change the motor mounts and have them aligned. Justin and Jim arrived on Thursday morning and told us that only one motor mount needed to be changed (So honest and helpful). They changed it out and did the alignment in 1.5 hours. That afternoon we took it out for a test run and were very pleased with how the boat ran. No vibrations even at higher RPMs. When we went back to our slip, to my surprise, the dockhands were there to catch our lines again. What a top rate marina.

On the way to the marina we saw all the cars on the beach.

Pelicans everywhere.

Pam, Joy and Laurie.

We also stayed here for four nights while we had my friend Pam Kavadias from VA visit. The first day we took the courtesy car to Publix to pick up a few needed items. That night I made dinner and Pam's friend, Joy, joined us. It was great to spend time with them both. Pam. Hal and I enjoyed lunch and breakfast at Odd Birds Cafe which was adjacent to the marina. Saturday it was really busy with people getting coffee and lunch for the beach.

Views from the water.

On Friday, we went on the Hop on Hop Off Trolley. It was supposed to be 1.5 hours but ended up being close to 3 hours😳. Apparently it was spring break for the colleges and public schools. The traffic kept us from moving along. The driver ended up singing Frank Sinatra. We were ready to jump off but needed to get back. Towards the end of the stops we picked up people who said they were waiting for an hour. Good thing we never got off. Finally at the last stop we got off and walked back to the depot. We were twitching every time we saw that trolley the next day. The tour was great with the information but it was too long for us. But that night we got the courtesy car again and went to have sushi with Joy, Pam's friend. The sushi was really good and near a Publix so of course we ran in for a few items and got some Snapple. Since we had the car and were early we drove around and found another restaurant for the next day.

Flagler College.

We had plans to go to the Alligator Farm but decided to skip it because of the crowds. We took the courtesy car and toured around St. Augustine. We actually stopped at a marine consignment shop, but unfortunately we got there 10 minutes before it was closing. That is a place Hal could spend a lot of time in.

Bathroom signs at Salt Water Cowboy's.

For dinner we all went to Salt Water Cowboy, right on the water. It was very rustic. Apparently it gets busy at sunset because of the location so went early. It was great that they let Skipper in to the dining room. We all enjoyed and then went for a drive. We were able to drive right on the beach. It was amazing to drive on the beach. There were many cars, people, dogs!

Driving on the beach.

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