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Travel Day 109 to Marineland, FL 3/14/22

Marineland Marina was a very nice surprise. The docksmaster, Eric, was very helpful in getting in to the basin and was there to help catch our lines. The docks are sturdy, cement floating docks with pumpout easily accessible. Very close to the marina was a dolphin center and the beautiful beach. When we got there we took a walk over to enjoy the ocean waves and people watch. Unfortunately the next day when we were going to spend the day at the beach it rained, but we were able to visit with our friends Jim and Jeanette Tucker, who arrived that day. We had originally met them at Everglades Isle marina and saw them in Marathon and Stock Island. It was great to catch up with them.

The fish come out when people come by. I guess they think we will feed them.

This was a short stay but one we would happily go back to on the way down south in the fall.

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