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Travel Day 106 to Fort Pierce, FL 3/7/22

A dreary travel day in the rain and overcast skies to Fort Pierce but well worth the day. We pulled in to the marina and were assigned a slip on A dock along side the outside. It was a floating dock that we prefer, however it was a hike to the mainland. Good exercise getting out steps in. Sonny McBride was there to grab our lines. His boat New Hope is at the opposite side of the marina. He actually drove over at some points to pick us up. Doris and Jeff Warren on Two by Two were also staying in the marina so it was great to see them again too. After we docked and got settled we went over to Two by Two and chatted with Jeff and Doris. That night we ended up going to dinner at Crabby's, right at the marina, with Brenda and Sonny, their granddaughter Jordan, and Jeff and Doris. We enjoyed a nice meal catching up.

A fun dinner at Crabby's with Doris and Jeff, Brenda and Sonny and Jordan.

Tuesday ,Doris, Mary and I went shopping in town. We found a great store called Rosswell's and each of us made some wonderful purchases. We walked around the town and saw some interesting statues. These towns have a lot of history.

We were able to finally meet up with Tomas and Deb Vanhuss on Lollipop. They say when you see one Great Harbour you have seen one Great Harbour. They are all different. It is interesting to see the differences between the boats. We were able to tour their boat and later that day they toured ours.

Brenda and Sonny drove down from Virginia so they have a car so I was able to go shopping with Jordan and Brenda in Stuart and Jenson Beach. It was great to be able to go tooling around town to stores like Marshall's, Target, and Ulta . Wednesday night we were going to go to dinner at Cobb's by the marina but it started raining and pouring. Ha; and I left the boat with rain jackets and an umbrella. We got 300 feet and were soaked through. We turned around and I made dinner on the boat while our clothes went in the dryer. That night the storm was wicked with lightening, thunder and wind.

Sonny lent us his car on Thursday and Hal and I went to the Navy Seals Museum. What an interesting place. Everything in the museum is real including the actual life boat from the MERSK Alabama . You can see the shot out windows. We also got to sit in a Blackhawk. If you get a chance I definitely suggest the stop here.

We ate a linner with Brenda, Sonny and Jordan before Jordan went to the airport. We were heading out in the am. We will miss our friends but hope to see them again.

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