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Travel Day 104 to Safe Harbor North Palm Beach, FL 2/28/22

Singer Island, a beautiful place.

Another nice day to travel. We actually saw a manta ray jump out of the water. Again we had bridges and some we just lowered the mast to get under so we didn't have to wait.

When we made the reservations at this marina, they originally told us that we would be sharing a slip. That wasn't a problem for us. However, when we arrived they told us that they had another slip for us. They put us in slip 103 and Cashelmara was just a few slips down. After getting tied up and settled we just relaxed.

On Tuesday, at 7:45 am someone is banging on the boat, Hal is indisposed, so I throw on my bathrobe and go out to the cockpit. There is a man there who starts yelling at me about being in his slip. I told him that the marina office told us to go here and even helped tie us up. He starts cursing at me and tell me I am lying. He was so nasty. I said to him "Do you think we just drifted around looking for a slip to get into?" He was cursing about using his electric and mat. I told him to call the office and he stormed off. The way this marina works is that annual slip owners have to sign a contract and let the marina know when they are leaving and for how long so they can rent out the slips. Apparently, the dock master checked with this owner's captain who told him the boat would not be back for a week. This man was screaming that his boat was coming back today. So they had us move. They were very nice about it and even gave us a bottle of wine.

Lunch with the Spirou's

In the afternoon, our friends from Bedford, NY came to pick us up and took us to lunch. Debbie and Marc Spirou have been friends for a long time now. They have a home in Palm Beach in Frenchman's Creek so they belong to a beach club and treated us to a delicious meal at the club. It was great to catch up with them. They are enjoying the warm weather here, away from the cold.

While we were here I finished the bag I crocheted. It will hold my craft projects.

On Wednesday morning as we were getting ready to depart, John the dockhand came by and asked if we needed help. Of course since we have done this so often we were good. I mentioned how the owner never brought his boat back. I told John that I felt sorry for him having to deal with people like that. John told us he was crediting us for the one night for our trouble. That was so nice of him.

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