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Travel Day 103 to Lighthouse Point Marina, FL 2/24/22 4100 NM

The Boss Project, a Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band.

Since we were in a tight opening to leave and there why was plenty of wind, I was ready with fenders. Fortunately, my brother-in-law Paul came with us for the ride and also helped with fending off, although with Hal's expert helm control over the boat it wasn't even necessary .

Lighthouse Point Marina and Nauti Dawg Restaurant.

The ride to Lighthouse Point along the ICW is filled with amazing houses and huge yachts. We traveled on a Thursday to avoid all the crazy weekend traffic. Since the ICW is pretty narrow here and the sides are mostly lined with concrete bulkheads, the wakes just bounce off the sides which can make it pretty choppy. Our travel day was quiet and beautiful. We had to wait for a few bridges but most of them are timed so that you can make the openings even going 6-7 knots since there are a lot of no wake zones.

When we arrived to Lighthouse Point, we stopped at the fuel dock to pump out and get our slip assignments. We were placed at the T head of Dock D which gave us a great view of the ICW. The marina was really nice and maintained very well. The pool was the perfect temperature and not crowded. We did meet some of the annual members and they were extremely friendly. The restaurant was really good , however, the night we went they were short staffed in the kitchen so we waited over 1.5 hours for a table.

A big gorilla on the ICW.

We passed an N37 who is also looping on the way up.

Look at the helicopter on the top of this yacht.

We came here because on Friday 2/25/22, Paul's band "The Boss Project, a Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band", was playing in Boca Raton at the Funky Biscuit. We got tickets and Hal's previous colleague and band mate Staci Frazier and her daughter came to meet us at the show. My long time friend, Lauren Steinberg, her brother Cliff, her Aunt Sandy and cousins also came to the show. It was wonderful to see everyone and the band was fantastic. Paul does an amazing job as Bruce and the band sounds great. Everyone enjoyed the show.

Hal, Staci and Maddie at the show.

On Saturday, I spent some time in an urgent care for an ear infection. If it isn't one thing it is another. After having Covid three times I am a pro at this. I was given an antibiotic and on we went. Paul and Sue enjoyed relaxing at the boat and the pool with us and stayed for dinner. Mary, Chris and Skipper joined us as well.

Sunday, Staci and her daughter Maddie came by the boat for a quick visit and then later that evening Lauren and Cliff came. Lauren, Cliff, Hal and I enjoyed a nice but late dinner at the Nauti Dawg. It was great seeing them.

Our departure for Monday was 9:00 so we didn't have to rush. We had a lovely stay here and would possibly stop back.

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