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Travel Day 101-102 to Miami, FL and Dania Beach,FL 2/19-21/22

Cashelmara and Sabot traveling behind us.

Welcome to Miami!

Waiting for a bridge opening.

Travel day 101 was 100 times nicer than the last travel day. We had beautiful calm waters to Miami. We traveled with Cashelmara, of course and another Manatee Sabot. The waters were calm and gorgeous, however getting in to Miami on a Saturday afternoon with the boat show in town is another story. We were originally going to anchor at No Name Harbor but decided to go further then that to get a bit of distance from the boat show. Going through the Miami harbor with the traffic and bridges was a little challenging and entertaining, but we made it. We anchored at Oleta River State Park, FL. There was a nice beach for people to swim and there were several spots for Mary and Chris to take the dog for his business. Melanie from Sabot actually went to a Publix a mile away for provisions.

Oleta River State Park

We stayed two nights and watched the locals come and go. Mostly bigger boats anchored near us and smaller boats stayed in the ICW at Haulover Sandbar. It was a quiet enjoyable time.

After we turned around to be ready to depart.

Travel Day 102 to Dania Beach was a slower ride due to the bridges. We arrived and checked out our slips. There were no marina hands to help but two boaters came to lend us a hand. We went in to a slip between two piers and two large derelict boats. We tried to tie starboard side but because of the wind and our bow thruster timing out we ended up on our port side tie up. No big deal. Hal was actually able to get some paint work done on that side and we really didn't need the dinghy because there wasn't anywhere to really go explore.

A morning walk.

Dania Beach Marina is right on the ocean. There is a restaurant and a pier there. We didn't eat at the restaurant but we did take a stroll on the pier for $5.00. The first night, Hal's brother Paul took a drive down and we were able to go to an amazing sushi restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called Koi. What a delicious meal.

In the mornings I was able to go for long walks on the bike/foot path to Broadwalk Mall by Hollywood Beach. It is a nice ride/walk with many parks and benches along the way. The path travels along the ocean.

One of the people who helped us dock was Ed Mahler from Shady Acres. He and his wife Sue are gold loopers and they are from Melville, LI, NY. Small world. We were invited to their boat for docktails the following day. When we spent time with them, they were so hospitable and told us great stories about their loop and also gave us information about places to stop and visit.

After spending three nights at Dania Beach we were very relaxed. Paul came on the morning we were leaving to take the ride with us. What a treat for all of us.

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