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Solomons Island and Deltaville, MD 10/14-17/22 Travel Days 7 & 8

Solomons Islandacht Club

The Chesapeake Bay was like a lake for this leg. What a beautiful ride. We arrived at the Solomons Island Yacht Club and met up with Mary and Chris Kelleher and their new boat Karma. The people were so friendly at the yacht club. We went up to the bar for drinks and met Bob and Laura. Laura helped us get a table at the Island Hideaway restaurant. We went there for dinner and enjoyed a great meal with great friends. It was like Fire Island but not!😂 Mary was even able to leave Skipper on the boat while we ate. Mary and Chris' boat was beautiful and we wish them years of great cruising on it.

Gang all together again at Island Hideaway Restaurant

Hal and I took a bike ride to the Calvert Museum. When we became members of the Maritime Museum it gave us access to over 70 museums. This was one of them. It is a really nice maritime museum with some skates, rays, turtles and otters on the premises. After our visit we went to Beacon Marina to see Ray and Shelly Sirois who are on Shellerina. We met them while doing the loop. It was nice to see them since we both completed the loop. For lunch Hal and I went to Island Sushi and were surprised to taste how good it was. I even had a roll that was lit on fire (flambe).

Solomons Island is a quaint small town and we had great weather to walk the town and riverwalk.

On Saturday evening, Hal checked the weather and thought we might consider leaving Sunday instead of Monday. However, after conferring with Bob it was decided to stay. When we left on Monday we had an awful ride with 2-4/5 foot waves but at least it was on the bow. It was choppy and not comfortable. It finally calmed down around 1:00 p.m. We prefer a calmer ride so we can easily move around the boat. Also, Izzy was very uncomfortable and panting most of the day.

Crossing in to Virginia

Terry from Regatta Point was there to grab our lines when we arrived. The marina is well run, and has a great porch. We were only there for one night but it is a nice place to stay. Karma, the Kellehers, met us at the marina, however they were staying several nights.

Regatta Point Marina. They also have a wonderful porch.

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