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Coinjock and Alligator River Marina, NC Travel Days 10 and 11 10/21-22/22

We left Norfolk with Pam on board. It was nice to be able to travel with her for the day. As we rode past sights in Norfolk, Pam was able to explain what we were looking at. She pointed out the barracks barge that is used to house the Navy when there isn't enough housing.

Train bridge #7 that delayed us.

Shortly after we left we came to Northern Suffolk train bridge #7 and had to wait. It was remotely controlled by the bridge operator at train bridge #5. We had to wait almost an hour there for all the trains, containers and Amtrak, to pass. While waiting, our port engine suddenly stopped. Hal went down in to the engine room and tried several things. We contacted Sonny whose boat is at Atlantic Yacht basin and he got us in touch with the head mechanic. He said to come in to the marina and he would look at the boat. We went ahead on one engine through the bridge. I drove while Hal was in the engine room. It was a little hairy for a while for me since there was the Alexander Duff tug/barge passing me along with many other faster boats. Of course I did it.

In the Great Bridge Lock next to Alexander Duff and in from of State of Grace.

Getting to the Great Bridge Lock, we waited for the Alexander Duff to tie up on the port side and then we went on the starboard side. As we waited for all the boats to get into the lock and tie off, Hal tried the engine and it started. We were relieved, however, we still decided to head over to the Atlantic Yacht Basin just for them to check it or get their opinion. State of Grace went on ahead to Coinjock to secure our places.

Great Bridge Bridge

At the entrance to the marina.

At the marina we pulled in to a covered slip and James the head mechanic came over. He said he thought it was what Hal had said, that we most likely churned up some sediment in then fuel tanks which probably plugged up the fuel line. All was good. He didn't even charge us for stopping. Such nice people. We were in and out in 25 minutes. On to Coinjock!

Another state! NY, NJ, MD, VA and now NC

We arrived at Coinjock Marina at 6:30 p.m. and Gary met us there. He toured the boat and then we all went to the restaurant. We didn't call in the morning so the only prime rib available was medium to well. Since I like rare I decided not to get any. I did taste Grace's and it was delicious. Next time I will order in advance. Hal and Pam had the sesame seared Ahi tuna and said it was phenomenal. Hal raved about it. After a great meal we headed back to the boats for the night. Again another early departure. The forecast for the Albermarle Sound was not good for the afternoon, so we wanted to get across early.

Dinner at the Coinjock Restaurant

Some fog as we left.

Enjoying the ride.

We left the marina at 7:00 a.m. along with most of the other boats there. If they didn't leave with us they all passed us. One Kadey Krogen boat was so close we could have handed him the Grey Poupon. The crossing was uneventful and another smooth ride. As we entered the marina, the winds were picking up. We were happy we were at a dock with power. The marina is actually a gas station on the highway with a boat basin. They serve food such as fried chicken, burgers, sandwiches, shrimp burgers, and breakfast. There is a little convenience store inside for anything you might need. We debated about staying another day because of the weather but in the a.m. we left.

Alligator River Marina

Bear crossing sign.

Beautiful sunset.

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