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Belhaven Marina, Belhaven, NC 10/23/22 Travel Day 12 484 NM

Before leaving Alligator Marina Hal called the bridge operator and told him our plans to leave at 8:00 am. The bridge tender told us he would time the bridge for us. The weather was rainy and windy, around 20 knots with gust up in the mid 20's. The seas were on our beam but we knew it would only be until we made the turn at the bridge. Then it would be a following sea and wind. The bridge opened just as we got there, perfectly timed. Soon after we were passed another boat called the bridge. He told them that if the wind went up 3 more miles per hour he wouldn't open the bridge. It is a swing bridge and it is effected by the wind. It doesn't open if the wind is 35 mph or higher. We were grateful we got through.

The trip was uneventful and unfortunately it was raining so we did not see any interesting wildlife going through the Alligator River Pungo River canal. The canal is 21 miles long. It is also very shallow and narrow so we announced when we went in so that boats traveling in the canal are aware.

Since we arrived at Belhaven later in the day, the dockage along the grounds were already filled. For some boats it was there second day. We prefer the land over the piers, however it was not bad at all. I was able to walk on these piers without the help of Hal. We had to run two electric chords because our 50 foot one could not reach. Greg the dockhand was very helpful getting us secured and they had huge fender balls to keep us off the dock. After we were tied up, Hal and I made our lines secure the way we like to have them. We like the lines coming back to the boat so we can easily leave on our own. Also we changed out the fenders for our own since we have fender covers to protect the paint.

After getting settled, I took Izzy for a nice walk. We were here in the spring and liked the town very much. Unfortunately in the spring we were here late Saturday and then Sunday. The shops are all closed on Sunday except for the Ace Hardware which you can get just about anything including alcohol.

These are the flood heights from the hurricanes.

On Monday, Hal and I walked in to some of the shops that were open. Again, several were closed. The shops open were very nice with clothes, jewelry, shoes, and an antique store filled with beautiful china and Christmas ornaments.

Monday evening Grace, Bob, Hal and I enjoyed a delicious meal at Spoon River. It is a "farm to fork" restaurant. The decor, wait staff, food, and owner makes this restaurant a stand out along the loop and east coast.

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