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Travel Days 120 and 121 North Santee River and Georgetown, SC 4/8-9/22

We are cruisers!!! We have traveled 4400 NM in 10.5 months. Some people might think we are just on a vacation but that is not how people (we) on this adventure look at it. We are cruisers with a plan in mind to complete the journey. This is a lifestyle that we have adopted. At times it is work-planning stops, calling for reservations, chart work, provisioning and of course maintaining the boat both inside and out. However it is a labor of love and adventure.

After leaving Charleston we headed for Georgetown. Since we usually travel an average of 40 miles on a leg we decided to stop at North Santee River and anchor. It wasn't the best dog friendly anchorage but Chris and Skipper made due. On the way we called an "audible" and decided to try and get in to the marina a day early since we were so close and it was early. Unfortunately they could not take us because the marina was full. It wasn't bad because we do enjoy the peace and quiet of anchoring. We also were able to watch dolphins jumping up and splashing on their backs.

On the way to Georgetown we passed a floating swing bridge. It turns and connects the roads but it actually looks like a barge. As we headed down the channel to the marina we passed many commercial fishing vessels tied up together. There is a seafood market where we could get fresh fish we we took advantage of since that is a staple in our diet. Pulling in to the marina we had to make a 180 degree turn to the long dock with the winds blowing 16 knots and gusts to 22 and the current pushing us down the dock. We didn't want to hit the beautiful Marlow at the end. Hal got us to the end of the dock and we got the lines to the dock hands and walked the boat down to the slip by moving the lines one and at time and Hal inching us forward. We had to move down for Cashelmara to land also. It was a process and it worked. Hal is so good at handling this boat, or should I say billboard at times.

The working fishing boats in Georgetown.

After checking in, Hal and I went to explore the town. It was cold and overcast so we had to bundle up. The town is filled with interesting stores, museums and a waterfront boardwalk. We stopped in to the Maritime Museum but didn't get to go to the Rice Museum. I was told that at one point Georgetown was the main supplier of rice. There were many restaurants and ice cream shops. Hal and I ate lunch at Big Tuna. It was an interesting bar restaurant right on the water. We actually had to walk through the bar to go outside to another part of the restaurant. (Good thing it wasn't raining) After checking out the town we headed back towards the marina to buy some fresh fish. On the way a couple walking their dogs asked Hal about his Maritime sweatshirt. They asked if it was from SUNY (State University of New York) Maritime, which it is since our son graduated from there. The man introduced himself and I recognized the name. I asked if he was Admiral Craine, the past president. He affirmed his identity and we had a wonderful conversation with them. They are not loopers but travel on their boat from Virginia to Florida for the winter season.

Big Tuna Restaurant and Bar.

Two by Two, with Jeff and Doris came in to the marina and Patty and Gary were also there on Inconceivable. It is nice to leap frog with such great couples. A platinum looper Magic also came into the marina. We had met him at Fernandina Beach Marina. This is a great marina for the location and friendly people.

Some sights from around the town.

Meeting Admiral Craine and his lovely wife and two dogs.

Hal with our fresh fish in front of a beautiful oak tree.

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What a great adventure! So happy for you and Hal ! I have enjoyed following along ! Alice

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