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Crossing the Delaware Bay

Delaware Bay

Travel Day 5 from Utsch's to Chesapeake Inn and Marina 62.1 NM

We left Utsch's at 6:45, first light, to take advantage of the calm waters and low winds. The bay was amazingly calm. It was a perfect day to travel. We had a push from the wind and current behind us. We traveled the 62 NM is 8 hours.

Chesapeake City was a quaint, small town. There were a few shops, inns, restaurants, and of course an ice cream shop.. The restaurant at the marina is dog friendly for anyone who wants to bring their dog to an outdoor dinner. The parks all around were easily accessible to walk Izzy. When we left in the morning we were told to go across the opening but to stay 25 feet from the opposing bulkhead as there is a shoal. The docks were floating and new, although they did not have a 50 amp service for us we had to use a splitter for two 30's. There is also a very good anchorage there and a dinghy dock to use for going ashore.

Some interesting shops and buildings.

There are a lot of bed and breakfasts and inns throughout the area.

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